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Accidental Obsession
  • Type: Movie
  • Year: 2015
  • Scenes: 1 (4 pics)
Heather Williams' current life is like a fairy tale. A lawyer, she has just won the biggest case in her career, a case which took eighteen months to complete and which most pundits believed she had no chance of winning. The win led to her boss, Saul Rubens, offering her a partnership in the firm, which she accepted leading to yet another prestigious and high profile case being assigned to her. These actions are just the latest in a so far successful career, which has allowed her to live in a beautiful house. She seems to have the eye of handsome private investigator Jack Riley, the two who met on that eighteen month long case and to who Heather in turn is attracted. They feel they can move their relationship into a personal realm now that the case is over. The only black mark in Heather's current life is Ray Johnson, an old flame. Their relationship ended badly, and while Ray wants back in almost to the point of stalking Heather, Heather wants nothing to do with him. By happenstance, Heather meets Vanessa Miller, a travel writer who recently moved into town and who knows no one there. Despite the auspicious nature of their meeting - a fender bender - the two become friends, more on Vanessa's initiative. What Heather is unaware of is that their meeting was not by accident, that Vanessa is not who she says she is, and that Vanessa, who has not had many opportunities in life, envies Heather and her life and will do anything to *be* Heather. Vanessa's obsession may put the lives of Heather and those around her in danger.

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Josie Davis Sexy — Accidental Obsession
Josie Davis Sexy — Accidental Obsession
Josie Davis and a guy were standing outside at night, surrounded by an array of candles on the...
Celeb: Josie Davis
Tags: #sexy, #kiss, #bra
Size: 1920x1080

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