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Castle Freak (1995)
  • Type: Movie
  • Year: 1995
  • Scenes: 1 (4 pics)
The American John Reilly travels to Italy with his estranged wife Susan Reilly and their blind teenage daughter Rebecca Reilly since he has inherited a castle in a small town. John is a former alcoholic man, who had a car accident where his five-year-old son died and his daughter became blind, and Susan does not forgive him. On the arrival, they are received by the lawyer Giannetti, who is preparing the inventory since John intends to sell the castle and move back home. The castle has a maid, Agnese, who is Giannetti's sister and has been serving John's family for a long time. During the night, Rebecca overhears sounds and tells that they are not alone in the castle. Her parents do not believe her, but in the dungeons, there is a monster-like man living locked in a cell. When strange things happen in the castle, John snoops around and learns the secret of the inherited castle.

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Raffaella Offidani Nude — Castle Freak
Raffaella Offidani Nude — Castle Freak
Raffaella Offidani seductively takes a sip from a bottle before passionately making out with a...
Size: 1920x1040

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