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El amor menos pensado
  • Type: Movie
  • Year: 2018
  • Original Title: An Unexpected Love
  • Scenes: 1 (4 pics)
Marcos and Ana are married and live in Buenos Aires as any other typical middle-class family. During 25 years, they have been the perfect parents for their only son Luciano, caring and helping him without worry about their own needs. But one day, an adult Luciano abandons his family home to move from Argentina to Madrid, Spain in order to attend university. The emptiness generated by his absence takes effect on the couple, finding themselves as strangers living in the same house with not a thing in common. After taking a time to think, Marcos and Ana decide mutually to divorce, each starting a new life separated. With an uncertain future ahead, Marcos moves to a friend's home and is convinced to meet new women, while Ana enjoys her new freedom. Meeting casually once in a while, Marcos and Ana share their memories together with their new respective relationships, but the promise of a new life they wanted isn't as exciting and touching as they hoped. Marcos and Ana try to discover if their new lives are any better than their shared married existence.

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Mariu Fernandez Nude — El amor menos pensado
Mariu Fernandez Nude — El amor menos pensado
Mariu Fernandez is seen in bed with a guy, her bare breasts exposed as she sits up after he gets...
Tags: #nude, #bed, #breasts
Size: 1888x790

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