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La vie promise
  • Type: Movie
  • Year: 2002
  • Original Title: The Promised Life
  • Scenes: 1 (4 pics)
Living a rough existence in Niza, Sylvia has to prostitute herself in order to survive along with her daughter, Laurence. Sylvia and Laurence aren't getting along well, partly because Laurence is tired of her mother's rough off-limit life, with drugs and alcohol. During a night, Laurence stabs Silvia's boss partner, after a fight inside her house. Believing the man is dead, Silvia will run away with Laurence, hitch-hiking in the road. Besides, Silvia is suffering because she hasn't seen his baby son since 8 years ago. So, she will try to reach her ex husband house at the countryside, in order to meet with her child. But things will get a little bit difficult between Silvia and Laurence. After having a discussion they will separate. Later, Silvia meets an ex bank robber, Joshua, who offers to give her a ride in a gas station. When they got separated, Joshua will meet Laurence, who has a strange condition that paralyzes her, causing her sever attacks. Before Silvia arrives to Piotr's cabin in the wood, she and Laurence will have reconstructed their lost bond.

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Diana Jones Nude — La vie promise
Diana Jones Nude — La vie promise
Diana Jones was seen crawling around on stage at a strip club, her bare chest exposed as some...
Celeb: Diana Jones
Size: 624x272

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