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Les estivants
  • Type: Movie
  • Year: 2018
  • Original Title: The Summer House
  • Scenes: 1 (4 pics)
Anna is a filmmaker in her forties whose perfect life turns suddenly upside-down after her husband Luca tells her that he wants to end their marriage. Unable to deal with the loss, and Anna at the verge of a nervous breakdown, she moves to her family house for a summer with her relatives, including her parents Louisa and Bruno, her sister Elena and her husband Jean, Anna's adopted child Celia, and finally Nathalie, a screenwriter who travels there to work with Anna on her next movie. At the same time that the past and the secrets of the family start to come up, the house staff have their own agenda. The gardener Jacqueline and her husband and the pool cleaner Serge try to keep the gardens safe and sound from the wild boars of the zone while the butler Gérard and his wife and housemaid Pauline look to find a job for their lazy son François. The cook Jean-Pierre shows interests in Nathalie. Troubles increase when Elena learns that Anna's movie is about Marcello, their deceased brother who died of AIDS several years earlier, and then Marcello's ghost decides makes a walk by the house.

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Valeria Golino Nude — Les estivants
Valeria Golino Nude — Les estivants
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Size: 1920x1038

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