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Say Yes
  • Type: Movie
  • Year: 2001
  • Original Title: Sae-yi yaeseu
  • Scenes: 2 (8 pics)
After one year of marriage, things could not look better for Jeong-hyun and Yun-hie. In order to celebrate the publishing of Jeong-hyun's manuscript, the couple decide to take a winter vacation along the East Sea. It turns out to be a trip neither will ever forget...if they survive. They meet a man calling himself "M" and agree to give him a lift. His expressionless face and penetrating eyes are disturbing enough but his rude actions and speech begin to interfere with the couples happiness during there trip, although they try to have a good time in spite of him. There contentment with this situation is short lived when they learn that "M" was in prison for a brutal crime. Meanwhile, the police have begun an investigation of a series of cruel murders along the highway...

New Nude Captures from Say Yes

Sang-mi Choo Nude — Say Yes HD
Sang-mi Choo Nude — Say Yes
Sang-mi Choo and a guy were in the middle of a passionate moment when a rock came crashing...
Celeb: Sang-mi Choo
Size: 1280x720
Sang-mi Choo Naked — Say Yes HD
Sang-mi Choo Naked — Say Yes
Sang-mi Choo is seen lowering herself into a hot tub at a public bath, exposing her left breast...
Celeb: Sang-mi Choo
Size: 1280x720

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