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Shooter (2007)
  • Type: Movie
  • Year: 2007
  • Scenes: 1 (4 pics)
Having seen his spotter buddy Donnie Fenn die as disloyal brass abandoned them on mission, US Marine champion sharpshooter Bob Lee Swagger resigned to live in the Wyoming Rockies, alone with his dog. Colonel Isaac Johnson uses his fellow Medal of Honor reputation and patriot appeal to lure Bob back for a short mission: working out how a 'suspected' sniper could kill the president, speaking at public venues. After his report, a second speaking guest of honor, Ethiopian archbishop Desmond Mutumbo, is killed 'by accident,' and a local cop fails to eliminate Bob. Shot twice and on the run, he handcuffs rookie FBI special agent Nick Memphis and steals his FBI car, which he drives into the river after a long chase. Unable to treat his wounds effectively, he drives to Donnie's widow (Sarah Fenn) in Kentucky. She helps sew him up and assists his search for the culprits, later joined by Nick, who faces dishonorable discharge or worse but smells a rat and dares dig for the nasty truth on Johnson's White House ploy (rescued by Bob before a torture team disposes of him, too). Taking on the schemers proves dangerous for all.

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Kate Mara Nude — Shooter
Kate Mara Nude — Shooter
Mara Kata, of Brokeback Mountain fame, was standing in a kitchen wearing a very tight,...
Celeb: Kate Mara
Size: 720x304

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