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That Burning Feeling
  • Type: Movie
  • Year: 2013
  • Scenes: 1 (4 pics)
Mover and shaker Adam Murphy, who works for mover and shaker Roger Whitacre, a high end developer, is a love 'em and leave 'em kind of guy. Although he takes the cell phone numbers of his sexual conquests, he has no intention of ever calling/texting any of them back. He generally doesn't even remember their names after the fact, he referring to them, in private, by their most memorable and thus most often negative trait. Things change when a visit to his doctor, Dr. Fishbaum, to check on the burning feeling he now gets when urinating turns out to be a diagnosis of gonorrhea. Beyond the twenty-one day course of medication to clear the problem, those twenty-one days which also means no sex and the medication which has a plethora of possible negative side effects, Adam has to contact all his sex partners from the past thirty days, that number which is fourteen, with the only one he is unable to contact being the latest, the actress hired as the mermaid at Roger's son's birthday party. Contacting these women is to have them go see their own doctors to check for possible infection, but he sees it more of a blame game to find out from who he got it. With most of the women angry at him for the general callousness he has shown, he begins to navigate the task a little differently, with the help of his new friend, his gay, slacker neighbor Frank Purdy, as he starts to develop true feelings for the first time for a woman, Liv Ericksson, the legal aid lawyer representing a low income neighborhood community center which is scheduled for demolition at Roger's hands to be replaced by high end condos. Beyond the obvious divide between Roger and Liv, Adam has to decide how much he will divulge to Liv about his current situation and about his past.

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Julia Benson Sexy — That Burning Feeling
Julia Benson Sexy — That Burning Feeling
Julia Benson was lying on her back on a bed, her cleavage visible in a sports bra. Suddenly, she...
Celeb: Julia Benson
Size: 1918x796

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