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The Campaign
  • Type: Movie
  • Year: 2012
  • Scenes: 1 (4 pics)
As he is running unopposed due to his overwhelming popularity, Cam Brady (D) will represent North Carolina's 14th Congressional District for the fifth consecutive term following the upcoming election, the main town in the district being Hammond. But when he makes a major campaign blunder that tarnishes his family image, some sense an opportunity. Corrupt billionaire industrialist brothers Glenn and Wade Motch, who do whatever to line their own pockets, decide to find a political lackey to run against Brady on the Republican ticket, so that they can have someone in their back pockets regarding superseding regulatory issues concerning a business venture in China, which will turn Hammond into one big polluted sweat shop. Who they choose is Marty Huggins, the dimwitted son of their wealthy family friend, Raymond Huggins, because of name recognition and being able to easily manipulate Marty without him even realizing it. Despite Brady's mistakes, he should still easily be able to defeat Huggins. But part of the Motch brother's financing of he campaign is to bring in cutthroat Tim Wattley as Huggins' campaign manager, he who is able to transform Huggins into a legitimate candidate with credibility. As the opposing campaigns progress, it seems as if Brady, Huggins, Wattley and Brady's own campaign manager, Mitch Wilson, will do anything to win. The questions become if there is a breaking point for any of the four as to how far is too far, and what Huggins will do if he finds out why the Motch brothers recruited him.

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Amelia Jackson-Gray Nude — The Campaign HD
Amelia Jackson-Gray Nude — The Campaign
Amelia Jackson-Gray was wearing a blue dress that had slipped off her left shoulder, revealing...
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