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The Change-Up
  • Type: Movie
  • Year: 2011
  • Scenes: 1 (4 pics)
In Atlanta, Dave Lockwood and Mitch Planko have been best friends since they were kids, despite their divergent adult paths. Dave is the model of responsibility and over-achievement, he on the verge of making partner at the law firm where he works, despite largely disagreeing with his overly critical and opinionated direct boss, Flemming Steel. He has been married to his childhood sweetheart Jamie for ten years, they who have three children, the two parenting them using every politically correct theory. Mitch is an untrained struggling actor. In his slacker lifestyle, he is usually stoned or in bed with one of his plethora of casual female sex partners. But neither Dave or Mitch is truly happy, each wanting just a little of what the other has. Dave, while truly loves Jamie, secretly lusts after his newly hired associate, Sabrina McArdle, with who he has a professional "look but don't touch" attitude. Mitch sees Dave's life through the lens of the crazy uncle. He has a distant relationship with his own father, who loves his son but knows he could be so much more in his life. Out drinking together one night, Dave and Mitch are magically switched into the other's body on a simultaneous and impromptu wish at a fountain for the other's life. As they try to figure out how to switch back to their own life, they are both able to see their best friend's life from a different perspective, as well their own life through the eyes of someone else. Through it all, they both have mixed emotions about what is happening to them: they still want a little of what the other has with the mentality of who they truly are as people, while trying to protect the life they've built which the other may easily wipe out with one wrong move.

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Olivia Wilde Sexy — The Change-Up
Olivia Wilde Sexy — The Change-Up
In this scene, Olivia Wilde stands in front of a guy who is sitting on a couch and pulls down her...
Celeb: Olivia Wilde
Size: 1280x528

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