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The Losers
  • Type: Movie
  • Year: 2010
  • Scenes: 1 (4 pics)
For the US military, Colonel Clay leads a black ops elite commando unit of five consisting of himself, Jensen (communications and tech), Cougar (long range weapons), Pooch (transportation and heavy weapons) and Roque (demolitions and tactical). On their latest mission to take out Fadhil, a drug lord and arms dealer hiding out in the jungles of Bolivia, they discover after the fact in the tragic way the mission ended that they were not supposed to make it out alive, and that they will be blamed for the tragedy that occurred. As such, they decide to plant evidence as to they having perished as was the plan by whoever was pulling the strings while they figure out what to do hopefully to get their lives back. They are certain the person who pulled those strings for their planned deaths was the unknown man with who they were communicating during the operation, he code named Max. Clay is approached by a young woman, Aisha, who offers him and them a deal: she will be their backer, which includes getting them back to the United States which they are currently unable to do with no money and no identification, in exchange for them finding and killing Max, she up front in framing the offer as a probable suicide mission. Although suspicious as he/they know nothing about her, they accept her offer. As they try not only to find Max but also find why he wanted them dead in the process, Clay and the team may face some internal obstacles in diverging priorities among them, especially as some may believe Clay's judgment is clouded by the offer being from a beautiful woman, he being a ladies man which has gotten him and them into trouble in the past.

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Zoe Saldana Sexy — The Losers
Zoe Saldana Sexy — The Losers
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Celeb: Zoe Saldana
Size: 1280x534

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