Raffaella Offidani Nude — Spiando Marina

Raffaella Offidani seductively strips down to her bra and panties in front of a guy watching from across the room. She then lowers her panties, revealing her bare butt as she sits down on a bidet. She then walks back over to the guy and he begins to lower her bra, exposing her right breast before she stops him and he hands her money. She is then seen topless with her rear exposed as she sits down on a bed beside the guy. However, before anything else can happen, a couple of other guys show up and throw the guy out of the room, leaving Raffaella topless and alone. View nude screen captures (screenshots, still frames, pics) from Spiando Marina in 720x432 pixels.
Size: 720x432 Submitted: 22.08.2023
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